Outplacement Services

At Challenge Consulting, we understand the importance of guiding your exiting employees through the difficult process of career transition. Challenge Consulting’s accredited and experienced Career Transitioning Coaches are committed to facilitating professional, sensitive and practical solutions for both your organisation and your exiting employees.

Organisations that provide a respectful career transition for exiting employees, demonstrate a commitment to their corporate values, their social responsibility and the well-being of their continuing employees. This sends a strong message that they have a genuine concern for their employees and that they are an organisation that ranks as an employer of choice.



Challenge Consulting Outplacement Services


Outplacement Preparation Services

Successful outplacement programs start well before the inevitable announcement and consider the effects the program will have on 4 core groups of people:

  • Those being made redundant
  • The management team who have to implement the program
  • The staff who remain, and
  • Clients.

Challenge Consulting can help you achieve a successful outplacement program through management workshops focused on effective downsizing. In these workshops participants engage in facilitated discussions and group exercises to address the following areas:

  • Change Management
  • Understanding the critical responsibilities of the management team in the early stages of change.
  • Managing communication with stakeholders – initial and ongoing, internal and external
  • Ensuring employee engagement with the new vision and strategy
  • Compiling and delivering a compelling message, which will address your staff’s wants, fears and needs.
  • How to manage difficult responses – emotion, anger, distress, disinterest and disengagement.
  • What to expect after change announcements.

Outplacement programs for displaced staff

Challenge have 3 standard offerings for counselling individuals displaced through an outplacement program.

Brief Standard Premium
Career Transitioning Counselling
To refocus energy and action towards the future      
Resume Preparation
Tailored to the specific positions being sought    
Coaching on how to prepare professional cover letters and adapt resumes to enhance short-list chances      
LinkedIn Profile preparation  
Interview Coaching
To help understand the interview process and to know how to best sell individual experience at interview    
One-on-One practice to sharpen interview skills    
Job Search Skills
Assistance to Develop an appropriate job search strategy with a mixture of advertised and hidden-market job search approaches    
Developing LinkedIn skills and self-marketing skills    
Career Assessment and Guidance
Assistance to explore future career options and opportunities    
Assistance to analyse individual strengths  
Develop an action plan to realise his/her career potential  
Professional Networking Skills
Assistance to tap into existing networks and develop a self-marketing plan  
Dedicated support time per person 5 Hours 10 Hours 20 Hours

Post-Outplacement Services

A crucial but often over looked component of a successful outplacement program is the engagement of continuing employees.  A success engagement program will minimise damage to the organisation due to subsequent lost productivity and and resignations.

Challenge Consulting post- outplacement services to address employee engagement include:

  • Team cohesion workshops
  • Learning and development workshops
  • Employee opinion surveys
  • Team profiling
  • One-on-one coaching and counselling

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