Team Development

Teamwork plays an essential role in the success of most organisations.

High performing teams are more than a collection of individuals, they demonstrate a number of common traits:

  • Unified sense of purpose
  • Commitment to a set of values
  • Collective desire
  • Accountability and trust

Team building is a process of self discovery, every team member needs the opportunity to identify their personal strengths and their unique place in the team.  Workshops are one the most successful ways of accelerating this maturing process.

Team building workshops take many forms from using physical problem solving exercises to expose the natural role each member adopts in a team, to scientific assessment of team members personality traits and subsequent workshops to educate explore how these work together.  Challenge focus on the personality end of team building.  We have many years experience utilising testing and assessment tools and facilitating subsequent workshops in a wide range of industries.

All our team building sessions are:

  • tailored to your team’s specific needs from a range of modules
  • commercially focused to impact directly on your team
  • guaranteed to engage and energise participants
  • practical and highly interactive – “no psycho-babble”
  • designed to facilitate self-discovery and promote ownership of outcomes

One of the most popular and enduring tools is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is designed to help individuals become better acquainted with the personality gifts they were born with, and how these make them unique. The MBTI profile also demonstrates the ways in which people differ. This allows us to appreciate how people can work individually or as part of a team to achieve the best outcomes.

MBTI Workshops

Challenge Consulting has developed a range of team building workshops that we tailor to meet the needs of each client.

Foundation MBTI Workshop – “Understanding yourself & others using the MBTI”

This workshop is your team’s ideal introduction to the MBTI and underpins our additional workshop modules. You can choose either a half-day or full-day foundation workshop.

The workshop includes:

  • Online profiling of each participant
  • Overview of the MBTI and its application
  • Understanding the four dichotomies
  • Introduction to and understanding of your individual type
  • Characteristics associated with each type
  • Exploring how other team members might see you
  • Overcoming common ‘type biases’
  • Understanding and applying the characteristics of high performing teams
  • Review of your team’s MBTI profile
  • Review of team strengths and potential action areas

Each participant will receive an individualised, comprehensive report on completion of the workshop.

Additional MBTI Workshops

Choose from these additonal half-day workshops to capitalise on your team’s knowledge of type:

  • Team Diagnostic – Apply MBTI type theory to analyse and define the key strengths and action areas of your team
  • Effective Communication – Explore how to communicate effectively based on knowledge of MBTI type
  • Conflict Management – Explore conflict management styles and develop strategies for managing workplace conflict
  • Customer Orientation – Learn how MBTI type can influence your customers and their response to your products and brand
  • Problem Solving – Learn how to use all the MBTI preferences to ensure your decisions are well-rounded
  • Innovation – Learn how to adapt to innovation and change according to individual and team type
  • Sales – Learn about the buying/selling styles MBTI types to capitalise on your knowledge
MBTI Consulting Services

To maximise the return on your investment in MBTI, our consultants tailor services for your individual participants and/or team based on the results of the profiling and foundation workshop.

Please call now to discuss your particular requirements and to get information on pricing?