Careers with Challenge

Why would you want to join our team?


  • We work in a positive, productive environment
  • We will provide you with exciting career options
  • We have great clients
  • We love training our staff
  • We have helpful tools and support to maximise your potential
  • We have hump day chocolate
  • We aren’t in the stone age, we understand that professional consultants are looking for careers (not just jobs) and are motivated by:
    • Autonomy – The desire to be self directed
    • Mastery – The opportunity to become the best at the craft
    • Purpose – The desire to do something that has meaning and is important
      (Unfortunately we didn’t make this up Dan Pink did and he’s pretty smart)

Traits of all Challenge Consulting Team members:

  • Team oriented

  • Ambitious

  • Digitally Savvy

  • Integrity

  • Inquisitive

  • Determined

  • Smart

  • Love to get things done, to achieve

  • Can’t sit still

What sort of roles do we have?

  • Entry level Graduate roles that:
    • Focus on learning the skills and working with experienced consultants
    • Start with a focus on sourcing and selection
  • Sourcing gurus who will not stop until they know every player in their market segment and are nuturing an olympic sized talent pool of qualified people.
  • 360 degree roles that give experienced consultants the freedom to build their own patch
  • Account Managers who love building on relationships and growing the value we provide for clients
  • Business Development ninjas who thrive on the thrill of the chase, meeting new people and introducing them to the benefits Challenge Consulting can bring to their businesses