Typing Skills

  • This test measures the speed and accuracy of the participants’ typing. The test presents the user with a medical field related passage which he/she must type as accurately and quickly as possible. This test should be given to anyone who requires their typing speed to be measured. The test lasts for 1 Minute

  • The Typing Test – General is ideal for use by organisations needing to test the typing speed and accuracy of both individuals and groups of people efficiently and cost-effectively. The test presents the user with a passage which must be typed as accurately and quickly as possible. This test should be given to anyone whose typing speed needs to be measured.


    The Australian Standard Typing Test (AS2708-2001) measures typing speed and accuracy by providing a passage of text which needs to be typed as accurately and quickly as possible in a supervised environment, for a duration of 5 minutes. A Certificate of Attainment is issued upon completion. The certificate will show the typing speed (as words per minute) and the accuracy achieved (as a percentage). The AS2708 Typing Test is supervised via a Skype session. The certificate issued with this test is suitable as evidence of typing speed for applications to the Police Force and a number of government agencies. Appointments are available during business hours Monday to Friday, and bookings are essential. Please note that your purchase comes with one practice attempt and two formal attempts at the test.


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