Matt Wilkin – Energetics


Energetics has partnered with Challenge Consulting for in excess of 8 years. As a small management consultancy, where success is driven very much by our people and their passion for our industry, our recruitment needs could best be described as specialised. As a result, the emphasis we place on organisational fit is given a weighting almost as high as the technical capabilities of the candidates. Challenge Consulting have consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the cultural fit required by Energetics and as such have continued to send us candidates strong enough to be considered through our recruitment process.

As our exclusive partner, Challenge Consulting have added considerable value to Energetics for our long term needs, along with the provision of high quality, reliable and skilled temporary staff to assist with our short term requirements.

Energetics would be happy to recommend Challenge Consulting to any organisation seeking a quality permanent or temporary recruitment outcome.


Matt Wilkin – Project Allocation Manager