Energy Consultant Brisbane

Energetics is Australia's leading specialist consultancy in energy and carbon management. With more than 30 years’ experience, we partner with our clients to achieve cost reductions, productivity improvements and to identify opportunities and manage risks in a decarbonising economy.

We are seeking to appoint a Consultant into our Brisbane office. This is an outstanding opportunity for candidates with 2-7 years of experience to deliver a wide range of our solutions across all of the sectors of the Australian economy. If you are passionate making a real difference to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions this is the role for you.

We will build upon your expertise to assist Australia’s largest Energy users. Initially this will include:
•    Identifying and developing efficiency and productivity initiatives 
•    Compiling emissions and energy reports in accordance with government program requirements
•    Managing and validating clients’ energy consumption data and spend
•    Interfacing with clients in support of data gathering for procurement, energy audit and other key services and then delivering key project tasks such as the management, refinement and analysis of large datasets.

Over time we will enhance your capability to work across all our solutions with expertise gained likely including the ability to:
•    Implement energy management solutions to maximise the performance of new or existing sites, such as the assessment and business case development of renewable onsite power generation and other potential energy-cost saving opportunities
•    Assist our clients with navigating changing domestic and international policy in working towards the Paris Agreement 
•    Assist with the delivery of energy procurement and carbon strategies.

 The ideal candidate will have:
•    An Engineering degree or related experience in energy auditing and/or participation in a team undertaking energy assessments
•    A passion for improving the energy and carbon performance of the Australian economy
•    Either breadth or depth of experience/knowledge – each has its benefits. Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
•    Strong data analysis and interpretation skills
•    An interesting extracurricular background – be it artistic, sporting, literary, technology or something else. Whilst these aren’t part of the technical aspect of the role we know that there are many pieces to great people! This is something that is valued at Energetics.

Why work for Energetics

Simply put, if you are seeking a role that will expose you to not only the biggest players in the Queensland market but also those of the rest of Australia this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. 
Our unparalleled expertise AND our genuine passion and alignment with why we do what we do is the foundation of our strong culture. When asked “Why do you work for Energetics?” many of our consultants who have come to us from larger consultancies agreed that we differentiate by having:
•    an environment that fosters growth and supports innovation. 
•    uncompromising integrity, allowing you to tell your clients “no” when it’s the right thing to do
•    non-linear growth opportunities
•    workplace flexibility. Yes, our consultants all have targets, but they also have significant control of how they meet them
•    national resourcing of projects which gives opportunity for exposure to all sectors of the economy

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