Are You Passing on a Contract or Temporary Position? Think Again!

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Bust Four Myths about Contract and Temporary Jobs
Many job candidates are wary of taking a contract or temporary position. Why? That’s a good question. Contract positions are a great opportunity often overlooked by job candidates. Don’t let any of these myths about contract positions make you miss a real opportunity to get a job in accounting, finance, or any other industry.

Myth #1: You Can’t Keep Searching for a Job

Job candidates may think that contract or temporary work means that their search for a permanent job is on hold. They worry about taking themselves off the job market without a permanent position. This is not always true. Simply put, contract positions do not have to be mutually exclusive with a permanent search. In many instances, you can continue to look and entertain other opportunities. What if you find a permanent position? You can work with your recruiter to leave with an appropriate notice.

Myth #2: Temporary Positions Look Bad on your Resume
Many job candidates think that contract/temporary work looks bad on their resume. This is false. Hiring managers understand the job market right now. They know that permanent jobs can be tough to find, and they would much rather see job candidates working hard and keeping their skills sharp. Also, a contract job is a great way to showcase your skills and potentially create a permanent position. 

Myth #3: I’m Not That Type of Person
Sometimes, a job candidate’s pride comes into play. Some job candidates don’t think that they’re the type of person that takes a contract or temporary position. I would encourage you to avoid this type of negative thinking. Right now, contract jobs are popping up at great companies that are just a little tentative about diving into the hiring market. These jobs represent an opportunity for great candidates to connect with potentially great opportunities. Don’t let pride put up a roadblock on the road to a great job.

Myth #4: You Should Claim Unemployment until you Find a Permanent Job
Job Candidates are right to be concerned about maintaining their unemployment benefits. These benefits can be a lifeline; however, they eventually end. Also, they are not usually as lucrative as the contract and temporary positions available. The key is to be smart about it. Figure out the right balance for you, and work with your recruiter to explore all of your options.

Say No to Myths and Yes to Opportunity
There are a lot of great job candidates seeking jobs right now. Contract and temporary opportunities provide you with another path to a great job. Don’t dismiss these opportunities based on myths and misperceptions. Talk to a recruiter to separate fact from fiction before dismissing these opportunities.