Melissa Lombardo

Account Manager

Melissa is our Account Manager, she focuses on expanding the Challenge Consulting client clan and maintaining current client relationships. With a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) under her belt, paired with her 15 years of working in people-focused roles, Melissa’s wealth of experience is evident. She’s been with us since 2010, hence she deeply understands the ethos of the Challenge Consulting clientele.

It is inevitable that problems arise, Melissa’s high level of understanding enables her to resolve them with ease, while keeping a smile on the client’s face. She’s also active in yoga, where she is our personal yogini and challenges staff on their concentration levels, discipline and spiritual development. Melissa is consistently complimented for her warm and empathetic style as she rolls out the mat and gives her clients the ultimate service. She transfers her flexibility from yoga to her service, where she offers a personalised approach with each client and candidate, where no two people are ever treated the same.