7 Day Free Trial Offer From Beathletic

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Our friends at Beathletic have made a great offer available for free to all our Challenge Clients and candidates! Please read the invitation from their Director Christian d’Astoli below

Most of us, have been working from home for at least 2 weeks now, if not 3 weeks. And if you’re like me, you had high hopes of training every day, eating clean and reducing the alcohol intake. However, boredom has set in, your gym has closed, you’re out of routine, and once you’re out of routine, it’s pretty easy to found excuses

You see, I had a really good conversation with one of our members last week and she was saying how she found it really hard the first week of working from home. Lisa was so used to training in the classes in the AM, then going to work and doing her thing. She really was a routine type person. 

But, now Lisa was isolated and left to her own thoughts. She was drinking most nights out of boredom, started to sleep in and found it hard to motivate herself to get up and train before work. She found herself looking on social media and seeing everyone training but just couldn’t be bothered. 

But then something changed. She set herself the goal for one day not to drink and to train. So she didn’t drink that night, got up early, and logged onto one of our Facebook Live workouts. Sure it was hard, but she felt amazing after that. That was all she needed. She didn’t set herself the goal of trying to train everyday, she set an achievable goal. Start with one day and build momentum from there. And now Lisa has the momentum to keep on going and is training 3-5x/wk. 

Sometimes that’s all you need, just a little bit of a push to gather some momentum and get back into the swing of things.

So if you’re looking for some momentum, why not join our online tribe and let us push you back into routine?

Be Athletic TV now offers Live Classes for Conditioning, Gymnastics, Functional Strength, Yoga and even a weekly skills session, like Handstand or Olympic Lifting.

In fact, we’re so confident that you’re going to love Be Athletic TV, we’ll even offer you a free 7 day trial. Click here to claim your free trial .

For the first 5 people to opt in, we’ll do a free 15min discovery call to help map out your goals and overcome any obstacles.