4 Secrets To Climbing The Career Ladder

You may feel that you are currently on top of your job and want to seek further advancement in your career. You want to step up or put your hand up for that new opportunity, but what steps do you need to take to prove to your boss that you are ready? If you were in your manager’s shoes, what would you be looking for when it comes to promoting a star employee?

Here are five tips for climbing the career ladder:

1. Get To Know Your Boss
How open is your communication and relationship with your boss? Are you proactively keeping her/him updated versus waiting until they request a status report from you?

Just as client relationships take time to develop and grow, so does your relationship with your manager. It is important to build an environment of trust and respect, so they know they can rely on you to handle tasks and responsibilities.

If your boss believes you are not ready to progress to the next stage, get an understanding on what you need to do to achieve that goal. Agree to milestones and schedule regular meetings to keep each other informed on your progress.

2. Keep A Running File Of Your Accomplishments
When our office receives client and candidate feedback or testimonials that are positive we share that feedback within our office team and encourage each other as a team with support. Especially when a lot of time and effort has been put into a task, that kind of feedback is great to keep on file and is very encouraging for the organisation.

Your manager may not be completely aware of everything that is occurring in the office so it is important to keep a record with dates for your next review.

3. Step Up. And Up. And Up.
Keep setting yourself goals within a time-frame and aim high to achieve them. Prove to your team and management that you can be reliable and are adaptable to take on new challenges so that you can keep progressing and learn along the way.

Setting yourself goals will also motivate you to keep pursuing new avenues within your workplace and strive for more responsibilities/challenges.

4. Be Generous
You don’t need to step on others to get ahead or blame others for failures if tasks were your responsibility. Take credit where it is due, but also don’t forget to acknowledge others when they have performed, after all you all a team. Take accountability for setbacks and work on solutions for the future.

Honesty is a workplace value that all good employers look for .