What Makes A Perfect Team Player?

We are all different. Based on our recent poll for the month of September opinions were at 50/50 on teamwork. Some love teamwork others loathe teamwork. But let’s face it, whether we like teamwork or not, it is likely that at some point we are going to have to work effectively within a team.

Teamwork essentially is a group of individuals working effectively together in a way that will achieve better outcomes than what could be achieved individually. Too often when we get busy, rather than using the power of the team, we take on too much ourselves, and start thinking “if I just do it myself I will get it over done with quicker”.

Every time we do this of course we take on more and more work, get busier and busier, and actually reinforce our own opinions of why we loathe teamwork. Teamwork works when team members help it work, people don’t just magically operate effectively in a team. While it is important to be able to be able to work autonomously at times, one thing that we should also focus on is how we can contribute to our team with the skills and abilities that we have. Not only that, but the more support and trust you build with your colleagues, the more you can gain in return when you need it most.

So what does it take to be a great team player?

  • Demonstrates reliability
  • Communicates constructively
  • Listens actively
  • Functions as an active participant
  • Shares openly and willingly
  • Cooperates and pitches in to help
  • Exhibits flexibility
  • Shows commitment to the team
  • Works as a problem-solver
  • Treats others in a respectful and supportive manner

We conduct group interviews on a weekly basis for candidates and part of the reason we do this is to see how individuals interact with one another in a group environment. We know that everyone has to work effectively in a team at some point within their careers. We want to know how team members help their peers, how do they help other team members and share the information?

Each individual is like a puzzle piece and without that missing link the team isn’t complete. What piece of the puzzle is your team missing? How will you help your team achieve their vision for success?