No Challenge is too great or small for the Challenge Consulting Team! Jenna Baril will be walking over 100km in less than 36 hours to raise money for Oxfam New Zealand

I had first heard about the Oxfam TRAILWALKER back in 2009 when I was trying to research ‘charity challenges’ within NSW.

I had been involved with charity organizations such as National Breast Cancer Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation, A21 Campaign, Compassion and even the Cancer Council previously through sponsorship and volunteering. However, as I started gaining full time work it became more and more difficult to volunteer on a regular basis, yet I still longed to be a part of something that would make a difference.

Oxfam was one of the first organizations that popped up that offered a ‘real challenge’, and this time I could be a participant. Not only that, it was a team challenge, to which a teams of four people could participate, train, and fundraise collectively to complete the race.

As I had already missed the 2009 event, I made it a goal to collect team members, make a fundraising goal and also work with a personal trainer on fitness goals. Little did I know of how challenging this would be as a Team Leader, not to mention trying to reach our first fundraising goal of $6,000.00.

Taking the time to organize the group training sessions, contacting potential sponsors, and finding the time to personally train and collect gear for the race was almost like having another part time job! I felt like I was spending every minute outside of work planning what to do next.

But of course being a team event, the TRAILWALKER could not have been completed without having great team members. For the 2012 event, Katie Brand, Ryan La Motte, Joel Stocker and myself have been friends for a couple years now and we share so many of the same passions and goals. Collectively our team members have participated in:

Having such a strong team of like-minded individuals really keeps you motivated and determined when you have moments of weakness and I couldn’t have reached this far in the process without them.

On 28th August 2010, our team did complete Oxfam TRAILWALKER in Sydney in 37 hours. Blisters aside and desperately wanting sleep, this was a turning point which proved that when you dedicate yourself to something you can achieve it. Our trivia night after the event also proved to be very successful as we in total raised over our target amount!

So after taking a year off, I thought this would be a good opportunity to try the event again, and by keeping in touch with another attendee that was in the Sydney event, it was there that I found out about Oxfam TRAILWALKER New Zealand.

Our team will be starting at Lake Taupo in the North Island, and the event will be taking place on the 31st March 2012. We have to achieve this race in 36 hours or less this time, and our team will be carrying our own gear as we will not have a support crew. I cannot believe it is already six weeks or so until we leave, and thanks to the generous support of Challenge Consulting who will be sponsoring $10.00 for every kilometer walked, we are off to a great start!

To find out more about what our team are doing, how you could donate, and what Oxfam will invest your donations towards, you can check out our team page – The Bush Ramblers.

Ever taken part in an event or activity that stretched you beyond your boundaries?