How to Portray a Professional Image Online

It’s important to keep in mind what your online presence tells potential employers.

More than 70 percent of employers are now turning to online searches to help them decide on potential candidates when hiring – usually after they have met with the candidate.

It’s important that you as a job seeker learn how to not only pass a Google search, but how to make sure your search results will impress your potential employers. These employers expect you to know you will be Googled.  Here are some tips to help you to portray a professional image online:

1. Search for your own name online

  • Conduct a search for your name in all the major search engines and social media platforms (Google,  YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter).
  • Conduct the search with different options, including your city or state, and with your last employer or company.
  • Ask a friend or family member to search you and see if they find anything they think you should be aware of.

2. Delete anything negative or inappropriate

  • Anything that comes up which wouldn’t be deemed as appropriate or professional – get rid of.
  • This applies for photos, articles you’ve written, comments you’ve made on other blogs or social media.
  • If there is anything online that is inappropriate and you are unable to delete- be upfront and honest with your interviewer.

3. Create a Professional Image online

  • Create a LinkedIn profile that is current and up to date with your professional life and matches your resume
  • Make sure your Facebook or Instagram profiles are on private and with an appropriate profile photo – or only make appropriate posts visible to everyone
  • Share or re-post industry news via Twitter or LinkedIn.

4. Have a Personality

  • Be aware of your online presence, but don’t be completely bland and boring.
  • Try to keep your posts and social comments positive.
  • Celebrate others accomplishments and give them credit for their successes (especially on LinkedIn).
  • Network on LinkedIn to get your name out there and noticed.

5. Upload Information to Support Your Professional Qualifications and Accomplishments

  • Be involved online with industry-related organisations and events.
  • Post pictures showing your involvement.
  • Post relevant articles or posts listing you as an author or co-author.